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Popular things to do in Hanoi

Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam that was earlier the capital of North Vietnam, before the re-unification of country and when the Vietnam War finally ended. Located along banks of Red River, the Hanoi city is featured with a cool climate. Hanoi is indeed a blend of ancient monuments, remnants of colonial imperialism and the modern skyscrapers.

There are a number of things to do and see in Hanoi. The water puppetry show is an absolutely most see option when in Hanoi. At Thang Long Water Pupper Theatre, you can see the traditional art form that is amazing and especially unique to northern Vietnam and Hanoi. This show takes place in a water pool and the puppeteers are there behind the bamboo screen with the controls under water.

Then, the Temple of Literature serves as the obligatory destination in Hanoi. It is generally packed but not so much that there is not enough space to stroll around. Although the Confucian temples are in plenty all through the country, this Temple of Literature is the most popular of all. Historically speaking, this is considered as one of the finest tourist destinations in the country.

In old town, the Night Market is a must visit as it is different from the normal markets generally because it is more like a social event. The locals stroll the streets, looking at cheap goods that are available at lighted stalls. It is just full of fun and not actually about the “real” shopping. Another great thing to do in Hanoi is to climb steps to a small shrine within gazebo like structure.

And so when heat hits the city, the locals hit water at Ho Tay Water Park that is around 5 kms from the city centre. When you are over with cooling off on water slides and in water pools, you can then catch a breeze on double corkscrew roller coaster in Moon Park that is just adjacent to the Ho Tay Water Park.

Further, the Hanoi Opera House was built by French between the years 1901 and 1911. This opera house is a replica of Palais Garnier, which is the older of two opera houses in Paris. Since the restoration of this opera house in 1990s, it features the international ballet and opera shows.

Hanoi is all filled with parks, temples, pagodas, shady boulevards and other places to add more points to the look and appeal of the city. You can enjoy the fresh beer at a nice bar in Hanoi and enjoy a perfect nightlife at this place.

The Vietnam National Fine Arts Museum is set behind Temple of Literature and it is a must visit place in Hanoi. Even though it is not so popular, it serves as one of the best places in Vietnam and a visit to this destination will offer a nice insight into the true history and culture of Vietnam.

Also, the Hoan Kiem Lake, which is called as the Lake of the Restored Sword serves as center piece of the city of Hanoi. The name of this lake comes from legend. As there are a number of things to do and tourist destinations to visit in Hanoi, it is always better to plan in advance and make proper schedules. In case your plan does not allow you to spend much time in this city, you can at least take a full day tour to visit the top and most popular places in the city. So, make your vacations truly enjoyable, interesting by visiting Hanoi and indulging in a number of things to do and see.


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