Go Dung – Bar in Surin

Go Dung in Surin is the new place to go out for young Thais in that city of Northeast Thailand. It is located near Green Terrace or all these bars and restaurant near the canal. On Google Maps, you will find it at : 14.872590, 103.504212. It is not too far from Big C.

People arrive around 9pm and live music is pretty good. They play popular Thai songs and sometimes even English ones.



At Go Dung, March 2015.



Beside Speed 3, which is very noisy, or Da Wan Deang, a large place with talk music, if you want a nicer and smaller place, this place could be for you. You could also try the Blue House in Surin that plays blues or The Beach, beside Speed 3 that attracts many expats in the city.

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