Genki Ramen Japanese, Restaurant, Korat, Nakhon Ratchasima

Genki  Ramen Japanese Restaurant Korat




This is one of my favorite restaurant in Korat. It is simple, good, clean, I love it. And it is nicely located, in the center of the city, very convenient. 

I was not surprised to see that it’s a brand of a restaurant in Chiangmai. You feel they know how to manage a restaurant. The website of the Chiangmai restaurant is here:

They have a large menu in English, Thai and Japanese, with pictures and easy to understand.

I had the sashimi salad, maybe 189 baht. Not exactly like on the menu but fine. The salad dressing was REALLY good. It’s not the cheapest restaurant and I know you can eat very well in Korat for 200 baht. But the sashimi are expensive and it was good.

You will find more pictures here:
or here:

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