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Rikura, Japanese Restaurant in Nakhon Ratchasima.

Mukkamontri Road.

Rikura is a Japanese restaurant that opened around 2010-2011. It’s at the end of Mukkamontri Rd, not very far from Eddie Vegas bar. On Google Maps, you will find the location at 14.967988,102.053321. (Just enter these values at in the search at http://maps.google.com)


This is not a big restaurant but it is charming. Only few tables inside, very clean. They open around 10am but we suggest you to arrive after 11am. There is a parking in front.

The menu is only in Thai but it has pictures, so it is not difficult to order.

Beside traditional Japanese dishes like sushi, shashimi, maki, miso soup, you will also find a lot of set menu.

I am normally not a fan of set menu. You always find something that you don’t like but I have to say that here, it is economic, you have plenty of choices and they seem quite good.

This place also sells different items from Japan or Korea.

Below is a seafood curry set. There were different deep fried seafood, like shrimps, squid and also salmon. The curry was like an Indian curry, with cumin taste, quite fine. There was a potato salad, some water melon, miso soup and some nice appetizers, with baby octopus and others. About 179 baht, can’t remember exactly.


Certainly a place to try, if you are in the area or like Japanese food.


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