Fishing – Korat – Nakhon Ratchasima – Thailand


There are several places where you can fish in Korat. These are kind of artificial lakes with catfish or other species like carps or pla nin. The average price is 100 baht but some places can be as cheap as 30 baht. You must put back the fish in the water after you caught it (in some places, you can buy it). Equipment can be rented but its normally very old and not in good condition. You can buy bait there too.


Bo Pla Phe Koo.


You will see this board beside the road.


You can rent a rode from the owners. We went on 20th July 2009.
To rent a rode was 150 baht for 2 hours. Additional hours were 40 baht.
If you have your own rode, it’s only 50 baht for 2 hours.
You can keep the small fish under 1 kg (like Pla Nin) but have
to put back the big fish.


Some huts around this artificial lake. This is about 500 meters from the Mall!
The is a parking if you come by car. You pay before.
This is the bait we used. This bag was 30 baht. It’s a mixture of bread,
donuts, and many things. You make a a ball with the mixture.
Below, you have a fishing hook lower, where a piece
of brand (green hotdog) makes the bait.
In about 2 hours, our neighbours and us caught about
5 fish like this and maybe 3 smaller ones (Pla Nin).
It’s quite easy to catch a fish.
The Ex-Dragon in action.

Place 2

This place is near Hermitage hotel. You won’t see the pond from the street but only this sign.





This place is bigger than the one near The Mall. The fish seems also bigger.
Most of them are Pla Sawai, probably around 4 to 8 kg.


It cost 50 baht to fish with your own rode.
You can buy these 2 bags for another 30 baht.


After about 10 minutes, we already had this one.
Be warned, this place doesn’t seem to be for family. The fish are quite big.
Easy to catch but you might need to know how to fish to bring them out of the water.
We were told the record there is about 50 kg. Our neighbor helped us for that one.





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