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“Soy Cwboy”, Grand Market, Rojana Rd,
Ayutthaya ;
Tel 081 8516913, 081-9947436


Open everyday from 17:00 to 02:00.

Wide selection of beers and spirits. Also serves Thai and Western food at a reasonable price range (50-200 B).

Live music every night by three different bands, 1 hour each. Country, rock, Thai pop music. Dancing around the tables is possible.

Cowboy City opened in 1994. It is a bright, colorful, crowded and noisy place located at the edge of the Grand Market area, just before the main gate to Ayutthaya Grand Hotel, at the entrance of Ayutthaya’s nightlife karaoke and “red light” quarter. Lots of lights, cowboy deco and wall paintings. 35 tables with sitting for up to 140 perrsons. All tables are placed under roof in a wide covered terrace open on three sides, with quick and easy access and exit.

The friendly Thai owner, Khun Kaek Ayutthaya, is a natural-born cowboy in his soul. He owns also a “Cowboy City” home stay and restaurant. Customers are in majority Thai nationals.

We had a large Leo beer and spent 80 B, tip included.

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