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Club Life, After-hours disco in Korat

Yesterday was a birthday for 2 friends. We went out with many people, it was pretty cool. We ended up at Club Life, which is just beside Ta Wan Deang. Club Life is an after-hours disco that opens around 2am, after most of the other bars are closing, and doesn’t close until 6am. Most people go there around 2:30am-3am.

The place has a DJ and an EXCELLENT band. The band was actually one of the best I have seen in Korat. The sound is really good.

They alternate between live music and a DJ. The DJ was also excellent. It is not cheap but we are talking about one of the only after-hours venues in Korat.

The place was almost full but we still had enough space to dance and move. Nice lighting and laser. Enjoyable.


The also have new pool table. Very nice, but 40 baht a game!!!

The sound in the video link below is not very good but it gives you an idea.



This is a 360 degree picture of the place before many people enters:

A few more pictures from inside can be found at

And here another video with the DJ:



It is much better than update… if you like afterhours. I am getting too old for that, but yesterday was a special night because of some birthdays!

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