Ta Wan Deang | Ubon Ratchathani | Bar and Pub | Folk music

Ta Wang Deang, Ubon Ratchathani


Tel: 045-317963, 081-999-5030, 045-313014
Ubon Ratchathani.


“Ta Wan Deang” is an extreme popular branch of bars all around Thailand. They play Thai country-folk and pop song, with live bands. In Thai, “Ta Wan” means sun and “Deang” means red. The expression “Ta Wan Deang” means something like people having fun or becoming a little ‘crazy’!

There is a Ta Wang Deang in Korat, one in Buriram, one Surin, one in Udon Thani, Etc. Click on their website for more information.

Prices are reasonable and regular events or shows are scheduled at Ta Wan Deang.


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