Chok Chai Farm Steakhouse in Pak Chong


Chok Chai Farm Steakhouse, Pak Chong.


Chok Chai farm is not located in Chok Chai! It’s in Pak Chong, on the road between Nakhon Ratchasima and Bangkok. Beside some tours that you can do, to visit the farm, see some cowboys, etc, you can also have a nice steak at the Chok Chai Farm Steak House.


This is what you might see on the highway.

The Farm have their own beef, and this restaurant serves all kinds of cuts. Their menu explains what kind of steak you might want. The restaurant is open from 9am to 8:30 pm. It is HUGE. There are many rooms with different “western” names, like John Wayne, etc.

This is a small room.

This was a huge room.

Snack bar, beside.

Chok Chai is actually many restaurants. Beside the steakhouse, you have a kind of snack bar selling hamburgers. It is called the Steak Burger and opened from 8am to 6pm. More information about the steak burger here.

You will also find the STEAK HUT, another building behind the main steak house at the Chok Chai farm. You will find their menu and some pictures here:

The first Chok Chai steakhouse opened in 1971 in Bangkok.  The branch in Pak Chong opened in 1986. The name “Chok Chai” comes from its owner, Khun Chokchai Bulakul, who also built a 26 storeys building in Bangkok (the tallest skyscraper in Thailand at that time).

The menu is in Thai and English, with pictures. They have some specials. Imported beef is NOT on the normal menu but only available when they have promotions. Their menu is here, but the website might not be updated. This picture of the menu was taken in August 2011.

The menu above shows 2 kinds of cows: The Charolais is the most expensive with beef dry-aged for 30 days. Filet mignon of Charolais is 990 while Rib-Eye is 760 baht. No, it’s not cheap! Steaks are served with vegetables and a sauce. You have a less expensive steak called “American Brahman) and dry aged for 15 days.

Dry-aging meat is a technique where the humidity and the temperature is controlled while the meat rest. The natural enzymes in the meat break the connectives tissues and the meat becomes more tender.

This is an American Brahman fillet mignon. 420 baht.

This is an American Brahman T-Bone.

The steaks are really good and tender. I would say the vegetables are just normal and blend. But the meat is really tasty. Ask the pepper sauce….

Beside, you can buy ice cream, some souvenirs and pastries.

If you like steaks, it’s really a place to try. They have a branch in Sukhumvit soi 23 and also in Rangsit (Bangkok).

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