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Battambang is the second largest city of Cambodia and also a place to explore the finest French architecture in this country. The inhabitants are friendly and warm and Battambang is indeed a gateway to timeless and ancient hilltop temples as well as villages with scenic beauty. The city has more of Hindu representations in the form of roundabout statues.  Battambang is the second populous city of Cambodia and holds popular tourist destinations in the forms of Buddhist shrines and bamboo railway.

How to go?

Battambang can be accessed in various ways which include rail, road or boat. If you opt to go via boat, you will pass through Prek Toal, the famous bird sanctuary. Tourists interested in going via land can choose buses from Phnom Penh or Siem reap. This would generally take 5-6 hours to reach Battambang. Some of the tourists also fly from Siem reap or Phnom Penh to Battambang. However, most of the tourists prefer going via boat, which is an amazing adventure or experience in itself.

Where to live?

There are some of the most popular hotels where you can live in Battambang. These hotels include Teo, Victoria, Park Hotel and Royal Hotel. In Battambang, these are some of the clean and affordable hotels that also offer you good atmosphere.

Where to eat?

Battambang offers you some of the enticing dishes that will give you a local experience. You can satisfy your taste buds at White Rose restaurant or Teo Hotel. It offers great services and gives you clean food with enticing flavor and aroma. The Pkay Preuk Restaurant is great to enjoy the local music, band and live performances that are being delivered for Khmer people in the evenings.

What to do?

At Battambang, you will surely get a glimpse of French architecture. This can be found in Tonle Sap Lak near the Sangker River. This area is being preserved by the government of Battambang and serves as one of the popular tourist attractions.
Another interesting thing to do in Battambang is to travel in bamboo train. If you think these trains are just for the source of recreation, then you are mistaken! The bamboo trains are a source of amusement for the tourists and also serve as daily mode of transportation for the local natives.
Battambang also offers you a great and charming location of national geographic which rests outside the province.
Uncommon Battambang tourist attractions

There are certain places which are not usually explored by the tourists but you can still enjoy being in such uncommon places. These places include:

Phare Ponleu Selpak

This is a fun-filled Battambang circus where you can see some of the performances which should not be missed at all.

Nary’s Kitchen Cooking School

This is a wonderful family place to be at. Those interested in learning cooking at affordable or absolutely inexpensive way can do so from here.

Sammaki Art Space

In Battambang, this is an art gallery that can be explored by the tourists. It is indeed one of the most interesting places to visit.

Prek Toal Bird Sanctuary

This is yet another Battambang bird sanctuary that can be explored on the way and you can find some of the rare birds in this bird sanctuary.


This is another Battambang art gallery that can be enjoyed.

Phsar Nath market

This market offers the tourists with a local glimpse into the traditional market. This is basically a native market that offers range of vegetables, fruits, clothes and sundries.

Sek Sak resort

At Battambang, this is one of the most beautiful resorts and is a main attraction for those who admire nature.

At Battambang, the tourists can explore all these places and have a peep into the traditional Cambodian style.

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