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2 Peace


2 Peace (2 pieces…like a bikini…) opened in 2008 and is one of the busiest late night venues in Korat beside bars like “Ta Wan Deang”. It’s a COYOTE BAR. A “coyote” is a lady dancing on stage, normally wearing a sexy outfit. About 20 to 50 girls are working every night, and many will ask you to buy them a drink. So make sure if you want the company of a Coyote Girl at your table, there’s is money in your pocket.

Picture taken at 2 peace, around 2009.

There is no cover charge, and the prices are not unreasonable. Beer is 100 baht for a leo. A bottle of Benmore whiskey is about 380 baht, and mixers are 30 baht. They open at 10pm every night, and around midnight there is normally a band playing Thai rock songs and some popular English songs as well. Closing was time is 3:30am but since the army took power, it often closes at 2:30 am. This place is generally packed with Thai men and you might see only few foreigners. The owner used to have  another coyote pub called Zeed, and he just opened a new place called swing in 2009 but that is already closed. Coyote dancers at any pub come from many different places in Thailand, and commonly change where they work after a couple of months at any venue.

FYI if any dancing girls asks you to buy them a shot of tequila or any other variation of “lady drink”,  be warned the shot is 120- 150 baht each, normally small and heavily diluted with water and lime juice. We all know that you don’t really pay for the shot…but for the girls! The girls must sell a minimum amount of shots every night to get paid or having the possibility to leave early.

In 2014, it is still popular, especially after midnight and on weekends.  This is a picture of November 2014.


You can normally not take pictures of ladies…





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