Wine 22 in Khon Kaen

A friend of mine recommend that place called Wine 22. It is about 10 minutes walking from Pullman hotel. If you go on Google Maps, put this information in the search:  16.426269, 102.827667.  It is on Ruen Rom street, very close to RADS (a famous bar and complex).

It opens at 17:30 until midnight. There is live music and a cellar where you can choose some wine. The selection is not the same as in Bangkok but you still can find some pretty good wine (but not cheap, this is Thailand and wine has a heavy tax). However, food is not expensive in that restaurant and you will surely enjoy the ambiance.

If you want to continue the evening, move to Rads almost opposite side where you have other “gastro-pub” and more wine available.

That Merlot wasn’t bad at all (And yes, I have seen “Sideways”)


More pictures on Flickr here: 



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