Wat Toong Si Muang


Located on Luang Road, Wat Toong Si Muang was built during the reign of King Rama lll by Chao Ariyawongsajan, then the head of the provincial clergy. As he had once attended religious studies at Wat Saket in Bangkok, he took back with him a replica of the Holy Footprint and enshrine it at a hall built speacially to house it.The hall today serves as the Ubosot, the convocation hall, and is of the early Rattanakosin style combined with Vientianne influence. Each wall is adorned with murals which were painted at the same time as the construction.

Another important structure in thetemple is the Scripture hall. A woodenbuilding, it is sited in center of a pond to prevent ants or termites to get at the scripture. Of Thai-Burmese-Laotian style, the actual building is of Thai appearance divided in to four sections. Within the chamber housing the scripture cabinets, each side is painted gold and lacquer.The roof are of a combined Thai-Burmese art with Choh Fah Bai Raka traditional decorative pieces. The over-lapping roofs refect Burmese architectural style transmitted through Laotian Lan Xang art.The patterns and carving over the two gables are of high Laotian style,displaying the different animal signs according to traditional astrology as well as various designs based on plantlife.