Ubon Ratchathani city, Thailand

The city of Ubon Ratchathani

Ubon Ratchathani is one of the biggest province in Thailand. It’s also the name of the capital of this province, the city of Ubon Ratchathani. The place is historically rich and significant, and covers 15,744.85 square kilometers. The province is located in the easternmost part of the nation. It encircles Salavan and Champasak of Laos to the north and Preah Vihear of Cambodia to the south.

The distance of Ubon Ratchathani from Bangkok is around 600 kilometers.


Prior to the late 18th century, Ubon Ratchathani was not a part of the Ayutthaya kingdom. It was under the Khmer Empire. Ayutthaya was destroyed by Burmese Army in 1767 and that was the time when several tribes started to move to Ubon Ratchathani. The Kha and the Suai tribes entered Ubon Ratchatani before the Rattanakosin Period and the influence of Thai/Siamese began to rise in this area with the commencement of Thonburi Kingdom and Bangkok Kingdom. After twenty years, King Rama I decided to bring in more people and establish community. He made an announcement that he will promote the leader to the top most rank of Chief or Chao Muang, who will gather the maximum number of people to form a community. Thao Kham Phong, who came from Vientiane, brought a huge number of people on the bank of the Mun River and was declared as the Chief. After that he led the Thai troops to attack Nakhon Champasak and became the Governor of Ban Chaeramae. Later, Ban Chaeramae was promoted as a province named Ubon Ratchathani. After that, the city was shifted at Dong U-Phung, the present location of Ubon Ratchatani.


In the year 2000, the population of Ubon Ratchathani was 1,691,441 according the the national statistical office of Thailand.


There are several attractions in Ubon Ratchathani, but we recommended the following:

The rock paintings of Pha Taem National Park. These paintings that depict the life of hunters and fisherman are 3000 to 4000 years old. The paintings are placed above the banks of the Mekong and these are the biggest of such variety in Thailand.

Sao Chaliang. An Imposing groups of rocks have culminated here due to weather erosion and people here believe that this is home to evil and good spirits both. Sao Chaliang is a natural monument.

The Ubon Ratchatani National museum. Located in the center of the city, you will learn a lot about Ubon Ratchatani province, its history and culture.

Kaeng Tana National Park. The 31st national park of the nation that includes immaculate highlights such as small hills and underwater caves with fishes.

Wat Phra That Nongbua. It is a very attractive temple that includes two stupas that are modeled on Bodhgaya, an Indian temple. The middle stupa is based with a beautiful park and it is the tallest construction in the town. One can find stone reliefs on its base that was carved to celebrate 2500 years of Buddhism in 1977.

Lam Dom Noi
Set amid a beautiful location near the Laos border, Lam Dom Noi is a dam, which is also known as Sirindhorn dam. Named after the Thai royal family’s second daughter, the dam was completed in the year 1971.

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