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Toh Phommarangsi temple in Sikhiu



If you leave Korat in direction of Bangkok on highway 2 (Mitthapap), after less than half hour drive you will reach Sikhiu, where there is a junction with highway 24. There, as you drive down a gentle slope on the highway, you will sight from far away a big glimmering structure on your right-hand side, just beyond the opposite lane of the highway. That is Toh Phommarangsi temple, belonging to the Somdej Phra Buddhajan Foundation. Somdej Phra Buddhajan, alias Toh Phommarangsi, was a well-renowned monk whose image is reproduced inside the temple in the form of a gigantic statue.





  In the main temple



This temple is a destination for pilgrims and tourists. It offers an excellent opportunity for a relaxing as well as edifying driving break especially if you are coming from Bangkok, as in this case you will find it on your side of the road. From Korat, it is a nice destination for a half-day trip. You can eat on the spot as in the parking lot area there is a canteen distributing up to two bowls of Raat Nah (noodles in thick soup) to each visitor, in return of voluntary offerings.



In the secondary temple



In the reception hall



Besides the main temple structure, unfinished, containing the giant statue, there is a big reception hall with Buddhist images and information stalls, a secondary temple with more religious images and objects, and a gorgeous park garden with modelled trees, water ponds and smooth rocks in bizarre shapes. The entry is free, offerings are always welcome.



In the park garden



Free food distribution in the external canteen



More pictures of this site, including an aerial view and beautiful night-time shots, are available here.




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