Roiet National Museum

Roiet National Museum

The Roi Et national museum in located on Phloen Chit Road, near the city hall. It’s a nice place to learn about Isaan culture if you travel in Roiet. You can also enjoy the park of Bung Phalang Chai very close to the museum to spend a nice afternoon.

As you know, Roi Et is encircled by different provinces of the nation such as Surin, Sisaket, Kalasin, Mukdaharn, Mahasarakam, and Yasothon. The museum was basically intended to display Roi Et’s excellent work of handicrafts and local silk textiles and for that purpose it was established by Dr. Ko Sawatdiphanit. After many years, the Fine Arts Department of Thailand decided to make it a national museum after adequate work of renovations. Visitor’s now flock near the city hall, on Phloen Chit Road to visit Roi Et National Museum, which proudly displays the natural resources, geography, history, archaeology, lifestyle, and local hand-woven silk products of the province.

Vases and others collected around Roi Et.

The Fine Arts Department adopted a policy to form provincial museums in Thailand in 1993. Dr. Goh Swasdipanich supervised the construction of the Roiet National Museum, which was formed as the lsaan Textile Museum. People in the Roi Et province believe in simple living and their simplicity is very much evident from their lifestyle and their arts and crafts, particularly the textile weaving aspect. The museum captures this essence beautifully and also the displays of the area’s archaeology, geology and geography. Roi Et National Museum is the perfect way to find out the living standard of the people of the province along with their handicraft and local art works.


Example of textile made in the area
In 1997, the construction work of the museum was completely over and till date it boasts six main displays. In the first floor, the Roi Et National Museum displays the provincial history, geology and geography along with the descriptions of the famous personalities and national artists of the area. You can find the art and archaeological history of the Roi Et province on the displays of the second floor. To find the display of the local textiles, you have to visit the third floor of the museum. This is the main attraction of the Roi Et National Museum that also displays vital information on the other artworks and crafts and life and traditions of the people in Roi Et. If you want to know more about the people in Roi Et province and their excellent work art works, visiting the Roi Et National Museum is the best choice.

The Roi Et National Museum displays the best of the Roi Et province. It gives a complete experience of old tradition and culture of Roi Et and it remains open everyday except for the Mondays, Tuesdays and the public holidays. The entrance charge to the Roi Et National Museum is 30 bahts and it can be visited between 9am to 4pm.

Example of an Isaan Bedroom at the Roiet Museum.

For more information, call Tel. 0 4351 4456.

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