Roiet city (Roi Et) Thailand

The City of Roiet and Roi Et province

There is a small island which is a park on Bung Phalang Chai. Bung Phalang Chai is large artificial lake. The town of Roi Et is developed around this lake. Roi Et features a huge Buddha, one of tallest in the world, at about 68 meters high, located at Wat Buraphaphiram.

The province earns its livelihood, mainly from rice fields. Their chief products is called the Isaan khaen. Reeds and woods are used by the locals to develop this panpipe type of product. Just outside 60 kilometers of the city, one can find the 11th century’s large Khmer sanctuary named as Ku Ka Sing. Roi Et is inclusive of districts such as Mueang, Thawat Buri, Selaphum, Phon Thong, Nong Phok, At Samat, Phanom Phrai, Chaturaphak Phiman, Kaset Wisai, Suwannaphum, Pathum Rat, Pho Chai, Mueang Suang, Phon Sai, Moei Wadi, Si Somdet, Changhan, Chiang Khwan, Nong Hi and Thung Khao Luang.



Several remains from the earlier times are found in Roi Et and its proves that the history of the area dates back to the period of the Khmer kingdom. However, there arde facts that says that during the Ayutthaya Kingdom, Lao natives came from Champasak and entered near Suwannaphum. The present location of Roi Et was established by King Taksin and at that time the area was called Saket Nakhon.


The province of Roi Et is located in the mid-North East region of Thailand called Isaan (or Isan). It covers an area of around 8,299 kilometers and it encircles Yasothon to the east; Maha Sarakham to the west; Kalasin and Mukdahan to the north; and Surin and Sisaket to the south. The population of the city as of 2006 was 34,229.


There are plenty of attractions that makes Roi Et a popular tourist destination. Here are some of the key highlights of the city.

Wat Burapha Phiram– The tallest Buddha image of the nation that reaches up to 67.85 meters. The visitors can climb up to the knee level of the image by using the stairways.

Bung Phlan Chai – This is a lake in the town center where an amazing spot is developed. Here, Roi Et Town pillar is also placed.

Roi Et Reservoir- Gorgeous landscape and serene ambience are the highlights of this area. Roi Et Reservoir is located at a distance of 3 kilometers from the town center.

Wat Klang Ming Muang- The tourists can explore various facts about the Life of the Lord Buddha through the mural paintings that are featured in this temple. Wat Klang Ming Muang is more than 200 years old and it was the place where the Swearing-In Ceremony took place in the kingdom of King Rama V.

Ku Ka Sing – This is an amazing piece of architecture from the Khmer kingdom that dates between the period of 1017 AD to 1087 AD. The basement of this structure is made up of sand stone where three prong remains are also located. In the front portion, Bannali (rectangular buildings) are positioned at either side.

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