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6/11 Bulamduan Rd, Nai Mueang ; Tel 044 611554

Single room from 320 B at Pleun Hotel, from 540 B at Ploy Resort. Double from 720 B at Ploy Resort (November 2009).

All rooms with bathroom, cable TV, A/C. Other features at Ploy Resort depending on price. DVD players and free Wi-Fi available at Ploy Resort.


This double motel-like estabilshment is almost facing one of the two main Karaoke areas in Buriram. It consists of a more expensive new section (Ploy Resort, opened 2008), and a cheaper old section (Pleun Hotel). Although they have separated entrances and courts, they are adjacent and share the same administrative office. Taken together, they offer an interesting range of prices in the medium-low category. Standard rooms at Ploy offer excellent value for the money, although when we visited there were no English channels available on TV.



Photos refer to Ploy Resort only. If you are a budget traveller, you may want to check out Pleun Hotel before making your choice. If you care for silence, ask for a room as far away as possible from the road and the Karaoke places.


For similar options in the same area see also Siam Orhid Hotel and Paradise Resort.

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