Phu Kradueng National Park


Phu Kradueng national park in Loei province

Thailand is rich with numerous attractions and one of them is Phu Kradueng national park. This immensely popular national park has a peak of 1360 meters. The area witnesses thousands of travelers that visit the place to reach on top of the mountain. Situated in Loei Province’s Amphoe Phu Kradueng province, Phu Kradeung has got the establishment as the second national park of the country (The first one being Khao Yai National Park). The total area of the park is 348.12 kilometers and on the mountain top, there is a flat terrain of 60 kilometers. In 1943, it was proclaimed as a nationally protected forest, and it got the status of national park in 1959.

What you see– Making your way towards the Phu Kradueng mountain, you will come across a lot of flora and fauna. The beauty of nature is spread across every corner of the mountain that is made up of sandstone. You will also feel enticed with the waterfalls and streams and also the beauty of the Lam Nam Phong River, which is a prominent Northeastern Thailand river. On top of that, savanna and the richness of the cliffs will mesmerize you.

Cool weather – On reaching the top of the mountain, you will feel soothing cool weather, which remains the same in most of the times during the year. However, during the winter, temperature falls drastically on the mountaintop and gets down to the freezing point. Therefore, make it a point to visit this attraction in a convenient time.



Explore the adventure- On visiting Phu Kradueng national park, you will encounter with the different varieties of animal and plant species. The mountain includes diverse types of forests such as pine, hill evergreen, mixed deciduous and dry dipterocarp. Major species of trees found in these forests are Siamese sal, Diospyros spp., Shorea siamensis, Podocarpis nerriifolius, Lagerstroemia spp., Pinus murkusii, Pinus kesiya, and maple. If you want to enjoy the floral beauty, you will not get disappointed either. The national park combines a diverse variety of flowers such as marigolds, Torenia fournieri and Hydrocera triflora. Flowers like Serissa sp, ferns and mosses grow on the surfaces that are close to the ground. While you will find Dendrobium sp. on the rocky portions. No matter at what time you visit here, you will find these blooming flowers welcoming you.

In terms of wildlife, there are diverse varieties as well. Barking deer, sambar deer, bears, elephants, fox, serong, wild dogs and squirrel are some of the wildlife varieties in the national park. The chirpiness of birds will also make you feel like heaven. Here you will encounter with Black Eagle, Silver Pheasant, Red-wattled Lapwing, minivets and Chinese Francolin. Tao Poo Loo is a rare turtle species and you can find it over here.

Visiting Phu Kradueng national park definitely provides the experience of a lifetime. If you are planning to visit in Thailand, then make a point to encounter with the wide range of flora and fauna in the national park.




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