Pha Taem National Park Ubon Ratchatani Thailand

Pha Taem National Park

One of the most popular attraction in Ubon Ratchatani province is Pha Taem National Park. The national park is famous for pre historic paintings that are 180 meters long, including about 300 pictures and forest and hilly topography of 340 square kilometers with various hidden treasures.

The popular pre historic paintings of the national park were found in 1981 by a professor and some students from Silpakorn University. The paintings display the facts about the people of the era when they were made. Apart from the paintings, the national park also displays amazing and unique formations of stones along with fascinating waterfalls. However, separate transport is needed to reach water falls, some stone formation and the museum.

This is a description of the painting.

A replica of the pictures can also be found at the National museum in Ubon Ratchatani.

There are several major attractions in the park, out of which Soi Sawan Waterfall is very popular. Here the flowers cover even the big rocky portions making it a big visual splendor. Just after the rainy seasons, the flowers blossom at the best for the period of some two months (October and November), which is before the arrival of the winter. The beauty of the flora can be imagined with the fact that Her Majesty the Queen has visited the park to watch the colorful flora many times since 1999.

There are more than thirty floral varieties in Pha Taem National Park and five out of these varieties have got Thai names by the Queen such as Soi Suwanna for Utricularia bifida, Manee Theva for Eriocaulon smitinandii, Dusita for Utricularia delphinioides, Saratchanthorn for Burmannia coelestris, and Tip Kasorn for Utricularia minutissima.

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There are stone formations, called Sao Chaliang that can be sited by just entering the park. Towards the north portion of these sites, one can notice Soi Sawan, Thung Namuang and Saeng Chan, which are the three water falls. The best time to enjoy the beauty of these attractions is the wet season.

Here, I was clearly busy to retain that rock of falling!

Soi Sawan is named after two streams, which are Sae Soi and Sae Phai. Both these streams combine together to make this ravishing water fall that looks like two strings of a necklace. The meaning of Soi in Thai is a necklace and Sawan means paradise.

There is a way of vine block that takes to the foot of the Thung Na Muang Waterfall in the Pha Taem National Park. It resembles the shape of a human torso, but it is very hard to distinguish the foot from head. The shape and color of the water fall show that it is a very old formation that dates back to more than hundred years. There is an amazing soothing effect near this waterfall and that makes Thung Na Muang a tranquil attraction in the Pha Taem National Park.

Saeng Chan and Long Ru are the other gorgeous attractions. These waterfalls originate through a mountain hole and fall down ten meters deep to a pool. This hole was not very big initially, but the continuous waterfall made it quite bigger.

One of the view from Pha Team National Park. It was written that it’s the place where the sun appears first every morning in Thailand.


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