Oasis Vegetarian Restaurant

Oasis Vegetarian Restaurant

For some reason, be it health consciousness, squeamishness, paranoia, or simply confusion, many visitors coming to Thailand and other developing countries eschew local meat and take a temporary oath of vegetarianism. After all, who wants to eat fried crickets or barbecued toads anyway? Whatever the reasons, for full-time vegetarians this is excellent news as it means veggie options are plentiful along the tourist trail. In areas with significant ethnic Chinese populations, this low-meat tendency combines with a local vegan or ‘J’ tradition to produce amazing vegetarian restaurants around the country, of which Oasis Vegetarian Restaurant is a prime example.

Oasis offers a veritable cornucopia of food choices to salivating veg-heads, including about 15-20 different types of pre-made stir-frys and curries, fresh salads, fried treats, khanom jeen (fresh noodles in curry or herb soup), as well as a menu of tam sang or dishes made to order. Among these delights are special Northern dishes such as khao soy (Northern curried noodles), gaeng ho (mixed leftover curry with glass noodles), and nam phrik ong (a spicy chili paste made with fresh tomatoes and tofu instead of the usual pork).

Oasis offers immense variety, excellent taste, and low prices – meal of 3 dishes on rice is only 30 baht! All of the dishes offered are ‘J’ folowing a Chinese-Thai tradition of eating no animal products (like vegans) and also no vegetables that make the body smell and excite the passions, like onions, garlic, and coriander. It sounds bland, but the food is anything but! Unlike some ‘J’ shops, Oasis has a really friendly counter staff and an atmosphere that is welcoming rather then holier-than-thou.

After you’re stuffed (do get stuffed!), pick up some snacks for the road, like curry-filled puff pastries and friend spring rolls. If you have access to a kitchen, Oasis sells frozen and dried veggie products including textured vegetable protein, non-meat sausages and meat replacements, and sauces and flavourings. For taste, variety, and value this is by far the best spot in town for vegetarians to feast in a casual atmosphere!

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