New Bar in Korat – High Time


There is a beautiful new bar in Korat called “High Time”. They had a ‘soft opening’ about one month ago, and will be adding more to the menu and service items.

The owner is Bang, from Korat, who also lived in New-York, speaks perfect English and I believe has family in Hong Kong. This bar is different and you really feel it’s like New-York, in Korat.

Entrance to High Time Restaurant in Korat

The theme is industrial. It is on a second floor near the city pillar. Exactly here:

They have varied and specialized products such as Phuket beer, and other fares that you won’t see often in Korat. Last week, he was preparing a menu….


They put a lot of money in this place and they also have rooms upstairs, I think 38 !!!

Lots more pictures here:



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