Loei city, Loei province, Thailand

Loei province

Loei is a remarkable province that maintains cultural and traditional values and provides amazing beauty of nature. Located in the northeastern part of the nation, the province of Loei is the pride of Thailand.

How to reach- If you visit to the province from Bangkok, you have to cover a distance of 520 kms. There is a daily bus service from the Northern Bus terminal of Bangkok, and you can avail both air conditioned and non- air conditioned buses. You can also catch up train from Hua Lamphong Railway Station in Bangkok and travel up to Udon Thani. After reaching there, you have to board into a bus that connects Loei. If you prefer airways, then you will get flight from Bangkok to Udon Thani, Khon Kaen or Phetchabun, from there you have to hire a cab or board into a bus to reach Loei.



What to see– Visiting the province, you will come across various attractions of nature. It is a huge combination of astonishing waterfalls, voluble streams, breathtaking mountains, luxurious green forests, diverse wildlife and observation points.

Flowers and fruits- You can also find lots of flowers and fruit orchards in the province. Siam Phu Ruea Orange Farm is very popular in the area, and here you can find Shogun oranges. Other popular ones include Ban Nong Bong Plant Market, Chateau de Loei Winery, and Sanya Mushroom Farm that produce Shiitake mushrooms. Some rare and unusual varieties of flowers are being cultivated in the Phu Ruea High Altitude Agricultural Research Station. Here you can find hydrangeas, phlox, petunias and African violets along with cash crops such as Chinese pears, Chinese chestnuts, grapes, macadamia, and strawberry. Furthermore, do not miss the Khamnuan nursery where beautiful Christmas trees and hanging petunia are nurtured in huge areas.

National parks- Phu Kradeung National Park is the most popular national park in the province. Wide varieties of plants and animals can be located in the lush national park. Here, you can visit an observation point called Pha Nok Aen, which is positioned on high altitude. Fromthis point you can enjoy the ecstatic vistas of Crimson Sunrise. Other prominent national parks in the province include Phu Ruea National Park, the Na Haeo National Park, and Nam Nao National Park.

Wildlife sanctuary– This huge wildlife sanctuary stretch across Phu Luang, Wang Saphung, Dan Sai, and Phu Ruea districts (in total 897 square kilometers). You will love the ambience of the sanctuary, especially in the winters.

Temple- There are several temples in the province, but Phra That Si Song Rak is major attraction. Situated on Man River banks, this temple is some twenty meters tall. This Buddhist temple features holy relics of the Lord. The temple resembles a lotus like appearance that resembles Nakhon Phanom province’s Phra That Phanom. The provincial seal of Loei includes the image of this temple, which shows its importance in the history of Thailand.

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