Life Park -Khao yai

life park in Khao Yai – เขาใหญ่

We went to lifepark in Khao Yai yesterday. First time there. It’s an amusement park, or they called it « adventure park ». There are a lot of games, from laser clay, go kart, western village, sliding, rock climbing, laser clay, etc.You can have a look here:

It’s located at the Greenery resort. You will find that resort just after the Italian village of Palio (we lost some pictures on this link), maybe 2 Km after, on the opposite side. It would be a good idea to combine a trip at these 2 places on the same day. Primo posto is not far too… And the gate to enter Khao Yai national park also.


The Greenery resort is huge. They have a buffet restaurant, a cafe shop, receptions rooms, swimming pools, a huge parking, probably hundreds of townhouse to rent, etc. We had a small lunch at the coffee shop and this is Bangkok prices… But it is really nice.


Swimming pool at the Greenery resort.

There was not a lot of people when we arrived, Saturday around 11am. We were told that Sunday is more popular. People started to arrive later, maybe 2, 3, 4pm. It’s actually nice when there are more people because you can see them in the rides. And you don’t really wait. It’s big enough, not cheap, and you can choose what you want to do. When we went, the most popular adventure according to the staff, the ZORB, was closed.

Here are some slides for children (1 pass, 140 baht for 10 minutes). Below, it’s a small western village, free. There were 2 horses, children can ride them for free. But free games are rare. Small bottle of water is 30 baht…

There are 2 big « thrill attractions » like this one. Interesting to watch people doing it but I wouldn’t try!!!

This one below was called Mix Extreme, kind of climbing with a guide. It was just at the entrance. We didn’t try but it was looking quite nice…

We had a 4 y-o child with us and she liked a lot some of these children games, like pony, or sliding. This castle with slides was also free. Remember that it is Thailand and this place is outside. That means it’s HOT. Bring solar cream cause there isn’t air con outside!!


This is the helium balloon ride…

It is not cheap. We bought 14 passes for about 1960 baht, and we splitted these passes between us. So, it’s about 140 baht for 1 pass.

Calculate how much is each ride here, # of pass X 140 baht. A ride is about 10 minutes…

So, 140 baht for children’s game or bowling (1 game)
280 baht for some better games, mix extreme seems fun for that price.
420 baht for Zorbing, or going to balloon (adult, 2 passes for children)
560 baht for GX-Swing or X-Max !!! And hovercraft is more expensive…

I am not sure if we will go back. But it was interesting…

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