Ku Ka Sing

Ku Ka Sing Khmer Temple

Ku Ka Sing temple is developed in the architectural style of Khmer. The temple was formed as a holy place dedicated to Shiva, who is among the supreme gods in Hinduism. There is a laterite base with three prangs and in the frontal part, there are rectangle-shaped library buildings. A wall encircles these entire highlights of the temple with Gopura, which are the entrance pavilions at the four ways. You can notice a moat that is shaped like a “U” at the exterior surrounding of the wall. The temple is located in Roi Et province’s Kasetwisai district.

Here’s a replica of Ku Ka Sing that you can find at the Roi Et National Museum

The name

The name signifies the influence of Thai-Isan language. Ku stands for a chedi-like place; Ka stands for Garuda, which is a large mythical bird from Hindu and Buddhist mythology; and Sing resembles the statue of the lion in the frontage of the temple.

The Prangs

Towards the north and south direction, the three main prangs of the temple are positioned. All these three prangs face east with a square dimension and the middle prang is bigger than the other two. The center prang has huge entrance with three access points at the frontage and two sides. The interior of this prang features a Siva Lingam that signifies Lord Shiva and fertility as per the Hinduism. There are various lintels in the place that displays various beautiful art works. There are depictions of God Indra on his mount. The bottom of the prang was formed by sandstone and engraved in different rows and strips of motifs like lotus petals and the ‘kanok’ motifs.

Unlike the central prang, the remaining two prangs come with almost identical features and size. There is a single entrance of these two prangs with brick wall and bases made up of sandstone. Inside these two prangs, you will find statues and pedestals.

From the overall look of the Ku Ka Sing temple, it is evident that the temple was inspired by Khmer art’s Baphoun style that was prevalent in the period between 1017 and 1087 A.D. The style of construction, architecture, art and archaeological evidence proves the fact.

Annual Event

An interesting event takes place in Ku Ka Sing every year. In December, the light and sound performance called Kin Kao Tung Nung Pha Mai is conducted. This event signifies having local food and wearing garments made up of Thai silk.

How to reach

Ku Ka Sing can be accessed via two prominent routes, which are the Roi Et – Kaset Wisai route or Highway No. 214. If you take Highway No. 214, then you have to travel across 47 kms and continue further on the Kaset Wisai – Suwannaphum route for 10 kms. Take the right turn to Ku Ka Sing for 10 kms; or take the Highway No. 215 or Roi Et – Suwannaphum – Surin route and go on to Highway 214 for 60 kms. until you arrive at Wat Ku Phra Kona. Just on the reverse, you can find a way Ku Ka Sing, but to reach there you have to travel around 18 kms more.


Ku Ka Sing Homestay
271 Mu 1 Tambon Ku Ka Sing, Amphoe Kaset Wisai, Roi Et 45150
Rooms: 20
Price: 50-50 baht
Phone: 0 4363 2125, 0 4363 2126
Website: http://www.kukasing.org


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