Indochine Restaurant | Ubon Ratchatani | Thailand | Vietnamese food


Indochine, Vietnamese restaurant


It opens at 9am until 22:00.


This restaurant is located on the same side as Wat Jeang, but a little further. It’s actually 2 restaurants, one for day time and another one for evenings.

On day time, the customers are welcome in this side of the restaurant. It’s just the Thai traditional small Vietnamese restaurant. This place is open from 9am to 6pm.

The menu is on the wall and the food is quite nice for the price.

Between 6pm and 10pm, the second floor is opened.

On evenings, the daytime restaurant closes and the one beside opens. It’s more comfortable, nicely decorated and perfect to have something different: Vietnamese food!

The menu is Thai and English, with pictures. Click on the above menu to enlarge it.

This is just an example. The menu is more extensive.

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