Hooya Cafe in Nakhon Ratchasima

Hooya Cafe in Korat

San Prasit Road, beside Boran Entertainment.
Or not far from Ban Korat, opposite side.
Opening hours:
Monday to Friday : 8am to 7pm
Saturday-Sunday : 7:30am to 6pm

If you can’t read Thai, you might not know there is a cafe behind this red wall, that looks a little Chinese… (Do note that there was a fire around 2020 and the entrance is now a little different but they kept the Chinese style and it is really beautiful)

But once you entered this beautiful place, you just want to go back, and go back. It’s an awesome, peaceful and fantastic cafe in Korat. A kind of place that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share or keep for myself! Great garden, open only on day time.

You don’t see very well on these pictures but the place is HUGE. You can also be under a roof, in some kind of “living room”.It really worth to have a look at that place.

The menu is typical of a coffee shop, including hot and cold drinks.

We had some “pinapple ice drinks” (Nam Pan Sapporot) on that day. I must tell you that I don’t drink coffee so I don’t know if they are good or not. But everything I tried so far was fine, and prices are very reasonable.

You will find this oasis just beside Boran Entertainment, a popular bar in Korat. For the people who don’t know, it’s on San Prasit Road, the road of Ban Korat or the provincial prison. It’s opposite side of Ban Korat, or just in front of the Pink coyote bar. See the red X below.

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