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On Mahat thai Rd
Nakhon Ratchasima

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HappyLand is a very popular pub in Korat. It is located near “Pratu Pollan” on Mahat Thai Rd. It’s more or less behind “Ban Korat” and near to “Stories”. You can have a simple drink and listen to live music after 9:30pm, or go earlier and have an EXCELLENT dinner with friends, in a beautiful environment.

At the entrance, there is a smoking section, otherwise inside the restaurant is all non-smoking. The terrace is awesome and the place is generally full almost every night. It’s similar to Dok Mai Café, or Bali restaurant. The crowd is actually more mixed: You can easily have tables with couples, or friends, or only girls, etc.


Inside is on 2 floors with a stage for musicians. They start playing around 9:30pm.

I have to say that I believe they have the most beautiful waitresses in Nakhon Ratchasima at the moment. Of course, you are going there for food and drink…but it doesn’t cost anything to have nice furniture and be comfortable! The place is nicely decorated and clean. The food is fantastic. It is obviously a place “to be seen” and “a place to be” at the moment.

Tom Ka Pla Salik. Very nice fish soup with coconut milk.

The slogan is “Din Dan of fun” which means a place with fun. “Din Dan” is rarely use for talking and more a written expression in Thai. The musician are very good. It is REALLY nice to sit down outside, on the terrace, have a nice meal, relax, and later on, have live music at 9:30. When musicians are playing, it’s a little louder but still, acceptable and fine to me.

Yam Pla Salmon. A spicy (very spicy) salmon fish salad. Not my favorite.


Very good Laab tod. A kind of fried minced pork with herbs.


Tom Het. A sour Thai soup with mushroom. Spicy and quite sour.

The menu has 2 pages with pictures. The rest is in only in Thai. See below.

Example of one page on the menu.

They serve a Vodka Tower for 350 baht. It’s a vokda cooler tower.


They have a parking. This place is highly recommended.


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