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Gai Yang Nai Muang

This restaurant is really nice in Nakhon Ratchasima. All dishes are nicely served, and the place is beautiful, nicely located but it might be difficult to park a car. It is located just in front of V-One hotel.

The board at the entrance

Each dish was quite small but superb, for 80 baht each. Of course the speciality of this place is the roasted chicken (Gai Yang) but the price is about 150 baht for a chicken and I believe you need to be several people to enjoy it.


There is an air conditioning room is you wish. Wooden chairs and tables, beautiful decor with Chiangmai handicraft.

If you like Isaan food, that’s a great restaurant. The lap pla muk was fantastic, but VERY spicy. That was VERY spicy even if I love spicy food.

They have all kinds of yam even with beef. It has the name of the leg “Ka” and “Laye” after. I can’t remember the name. Something like Yam Neua Ka Laye. The chicken is quite nice and it is the name of the restaurant. Gai Yang Nai Muang means “Roasted Chicken inside the city” so you better have good chicken!

They have a menu in Thai and English.


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