Fish cave in Mae Hong Son


Fish cave in Mae Hong Son

There is a fish cave near Mae Hong Son. It is called TAAM PLAA and it is maybe 15 km from the city. We were in the city for only few hours. I asked the TAT what were the nicest places to see around. I was told a temple in the city (that was nice) another temple on the mountain (very nice view) and the fish cave…

We skipped the fish cave to see the long neck ladies. And later, decided to go to Pai. But the fish cave is on the road to Pai! Great, let’s have a look. So, we stopped.

It is a national park (If I remember). We paid an entrance fee, maybe 100 baht for foreigners and lower for Thais. There is a parking in front.

The cave is in a park, a nice park, very clean. But nothing much.


I was expecting a lot, the TAT recommended it!


And we saw the fish. Some are quite big (almost 1 meter). They come to a stream that is going out from the cave. The water is quite clean for Thailand. But it is not a big place. You can buy fruits to feed them. There is a buddha on the cave. And that’s it.

The fish seems to enjoy the cool water from the cave and try to go inside.


In this small video, you will see what it is. Seriously, nothing much. A cave and some fish. Deceiving.

I would NOT recommended that place unless it is on your route, unless you live in Mae Hong Son. Maybe a picnic there could be nice. But it was a little bit deceiving.

Then, we saw the flower of a banana tree. You might not have seen that often. Here it is:


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