Few days in Koh Lanta

I spend few days in Koh Lanta this week. Not sure if I liked it or not…

Here’s a small video of our trip:


We arrived in Krabi from Bangkok. We got another sale at airasia for 400 baht, roundtrip tickets. Yes, taxes included. Right now is low season…I was told by people living in Koh Lanta that between May to October, the wind makes the beach not clean. So, it was VERY VERY QUIET. But otherwise, Koh Lanta has some of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand from November to March.

From Krabi, there are several ways to reach lanta. Easiest it to pay a taxi for about 2,000 baht. If you take a minivan with others, it will cost about 400 baht.

We had a nice hotel near the pier, again for very cheap. You can rent a motorcycle for 200 baht per day.
The island is similar to Koh Chang in the fact that it is quite big, you can drive around, mountains and beaches.

The old lanta is quite small, a place with old houses and a pier. But the main pier is on the north. The weather was quite bad last Sunday and Monday. No boats were leaving from the main pier. But we were able to take a boat from old lanta to visit some island.

Lanta is mostly famous for diving and snorkeling. The best snorkeling is probably at Koh Rok. Some agencies promote the 4 islands snorkeling tour…

There are a lot of Swedish tourist. And we found a wonderful restaurant called “The Black Pearl”. It is near the main pier, at the north. It is managed by the lady in charge of the Lanta cooking school. Simply delicious, one of the best restaurant I tried in Thailand. We went twice, eating only seafood, but different dishes, different sauces. All delicious. This lady is married to a Swedish guy. Really an amazing restaurant.

Did I like it? We were probably in the wrong season. I do prefer Koh Phi Phi… or even Koh Chang. The restaurant on the beach in Koh Chang have a lot of charms.

Here are our pictures:

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