Facts about Mumbai, India

Facts about Mumbai, India

Mumbai is the biggest city in India and it is also one of the most populated cities in the world. It can be found just on the western part of India. It is just nearby the Arabian Sea. This city in India is also considered as a financial district because this is where lots of commercial markets and cultural center can be found. The state of Maharashtra is the capital of the city which is also formerly known as Bombay. With its new name Mumbai which started in 1996, Indians were able to keep a trend again and that is to rename a former place into a new one using historical names. The name Mumbai came from the world Maha and Amba, these words came from the word Koli goddess Mumbadevi and Aai which means mother. Even after India got its independence in 1947, the government was still able to keep the name Bombay not until 1996 when they finally decided to change it into Mumbai as its official name.

Mumbai is a place that is just nearby islands until it became very populated. Among the islands include Bombay Island, Parel, Mahim, Mazagaon, Worli, Colaba and Old Woman’s Island. These were during the ancient times. But in the 3rd century, these islands were turned into Maurya Empire into a Buddhist territory headed by Ashoka of Magadha. Mumbai is situated just on the western part of the Indian Coast and it can be found along the Arabian Sea region where Konkan can also be found. The climate in Mumbai is tropical but during March to October, the season is somewhat humid. During November until February the season is somewhat dry. The temperature in this place may reach about 30 °C. one of the world’s best looking harbors can be found in the city of Mumbai which is the reason why more than 60% of the passengers and cargo are accommodated.

Mumbai is one of the populated cities in the world and as of 2001 there is a data that shows that the population has been over 12 million. Now there is no new data that was seen but just based on the number of people in the entire place, it may be nearly about 20 million. More people are now multilingual although, Marathi is the official language in Mumbai. There are people there who are also known to be prominent in speaking Hindi, English and Gujarati. English in Mumbai is only being used by those who are working in offices while others are using Bambaiya which is a mixture of Marathi, Indian English and Hindi. It can be commonly hear on the streets as a casual language being used by the people. Mumbai is known as a place composed of about 2/3 Hindu and 1/5 Muslims. People in Mumbai vary in religions since there are some that are Buddhist, Christians, Hindu and Sikhs. Mumbai is a known place for having cultural centers, financial districts and others. It is also known as a home to world heritage recognized by UNESCO which is the Victoria Terminus & the elephant caves.

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