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Crocodile farm

If you are planning to visit Bangkok, do make a point to set a date with the world’s largest crocodile center, known as the Bangkok Crocodile Farm. It was founded in Samut Prakan’s Tambon tai Ban in 1950. This farm is the brainchild of Mr. Utai Youngprapakor, who is popular as “Crocodile King” in the nation. The farm is now functioning as the research and education center for preserving wildlife.

Varied species

This is the only place in the world where you can find such a huge diversity of crocodile. Altogether there are twenty eight different species and includes more than sixty thousand in number. Some of the species are rare and cannot be found in any place other than Thailand. Crocodile farm also features the largest crocodile in the world. It is a great attraction and quite a treat for the visitors.


Shows and events

In the farm, there are several shows that take place every day. In fact, these shows are the major driving force of tourists. One of the most popular shows in the farm is ‘Crocodile Wrestling’ where the keepers of the reptile showcase their skills to place their heads into the mouth of the crocodiles bare handedly with no safety measures. The visitors get amazed to see how these dangerous animals can be trained to act against their natural instincts. The shows generally start at 8 am in the morning and ends at 5 pm in the evening.

I wouldn’t do that!


The Elephant Show

Another vital daily event that draws a lot of crowd is the Elephant Show. It is lovely to see the elephants engaged into doing various entertaining acts and the kids particularly love them. They even play football! You might see a reconstruction of a battle with elephants and costumes between Thailand (Siam) and Burma (Myanmar) that is quite interesting.


Other shows

The visitors of the farm can also witness other wild animals apart from the crocodiles and the elephants. There are pythons, turtles, tigers, hippopotamuses and various types of fishes and birds. The visitors can also view monkeys, chimpanzees and baboons closely by visiting the “Monkey Playgound.” In addition to that, there is a Dinosaur Museum in the farm where the huge-sized models and skeletons of more than thirteen varieties of dinosaurs are displayed. The museum also displays shows on how human and ancient animals are related in an entertaining and informative manner.


Magic show. Interesting for young and old children!


The farm is a major attraction of Bangkok in the true sense. Considering the regular and massive visits by the tourists, there are several excellent accommodation facilities that are located nearby. Here, you can get amazing customer service and the best of cuisines.


How to visit

There are several bus facilities in Bangkok that can take you to Samutprakan where the Crocodile Farm is located.  You can also hire a taxi and visit the spot, it is just outside Bangkok. Plenty of travel agencies in Bangkok, like on Khao San Road organize tours every day.

The Crocodile Farm is open to public between 7 am and 6 pm. The admission fee for adults is 300 Baht and for children is 200 baht. Thais can have lower fees and tours on Khao San Road have very attractive packages.


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