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Chaiyaphruk Grand Hotel


127/7, Dtrok Dtee Lehk, Jomsurangyart Rd ; Tel 044 275102-3, 275197-8


This hotel is at a nice location, just off Jomsurangyart Rd, not far from the traffic-light crossing with Bua Rong Rd, that is the heart of town. Within walking distance from Klang Plaza 2, as well as GinzaMaekhemheng Market and Ya Mo monument and town plaza. It is accessible also from Pho Klang Rd through the Dtrok Dtee Lehk lane, by entering next to the Chinese temple Sanjao Maetaptim.

The basic rate for a double room, twin or single bed, is 399 Baht per night (July 2009), making it a very interesting budget « grand hotel », as they call themselves. If you stay 7 nights, the 8th night is free; and there are special rates for longer stays.

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