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Cave at Wat Phayap, Nakhon Ratchasima


Wat Phayap is a temple located around the park surrounding the statue of Thao Suranaree (Yamo). You might see the sign below if you drive around the park.


“The amazing cave in Korat” is advertised on the walls and you just have to follow them to find your way.


This is the entrance. The cave is really small, about 16 by 12 meters, 3 meters high.


Entrance of the cave



It isn’t the most beautiful or amazing cave that i’ve seen but the story is interesting. Actually, this cave is completely RECONSTRUCTED. It wasn’t a cave. They made a cave with rocks from Saraburi province.


They call this cave “Parat Cha Wemonmoree” in honor of the monk, who was the head of this temple, and who started this cave.

The rocks, the ones making stalagmites and stalactites, were from a mountain in tambon Naparan, amphur Papoutabaht. A company was given a concession by the governement on a mountain to make concrete. In order to get some material for the fabrication of concrete, they “explode” the mountain using different techniques. The villagers around found these stones and were selling them.


A picture of the roof of the cave


The monk found these rocks were beautiful and stated to collect them, to clean them and to separate them. He exposed them in some cabinets. And around the years 1990 to 1993, with the help of people, monks and some workers, the made this cave by putting the rocks together, one by one.



After, they decorate the cave with some buddhas given by people, or monks. Some of them could be as old as 300 years-old. If you want visit this cave, it’s about 10 minutes away from the Thao Suranaree monument by walk, and there is no admission fee.




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