Boxing – Muay Thai – Korat – VPP Stadium – Nakhon Ratchasima – Thailand



VPP Stadium


Tel: 087-807-4632 or 083-127-9377


Check on our GOOGLE MAP just behind BIG C for the exact location.


This place is located right behing BIG C. But you must enter by the small soi, just beside the Esso gas station, located between IT Plaza and the big intersection beside Big C.




This place used to be a movie theater and it’s now a big boxing arena. Matches are normally on MONDAY and WEDNESDAY night and it starts at 8pm. Admission is around 200 baht (less for women) but foreigners are often asked 500 baht. The owner is a young Thai (Michael) who speaks English very well. He also has a gymnasium where you can train for about 250 baht per day. We were told by 2 young foreigners, training at this place for many weeks, that it was a VERY good place to practice and learn Muay Thai.




There are about 10 matches per night, mostly 5 rounds of 3 minutes. The boxers can be very young, from 5 to 10 years old, for the first matches. But even at that age, you can see very good matches. The peak is normally around match 7 to 9, with boxers often around 16 to 20 y-o. You will see plenty of Thai people betting on matches. They use their voice and their fingers to signal the bets. It’s very interesting to watch! We suggest you to sit IN THE SITTING AREA, behing the ring. If you sit in the main area, all the Thais will stand up for betting and you might not see very well.




There is a bar where beer or soft drink can be bought (quite cheap). A good night out and something different to do in Korat.




The following video seems to have been filmed in Korat but we don’t know where…



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