Blue Steak Restaurant | Joho or Choho | Korat | Nakhon Ratchasima


Blue Steak, Joho (Choho).

Tel: 087-152 1211.

Open daily.


Blue steak is a small restaurant in Joho but if you are around, try it and you won’t be deceived. They also offer delivery, probably around the area. You can find the exact location of Blue Steak Restaurant on our google interactive map of Choho (Joho).

The place is located just beside Dr-Pizza and you will see a lot of BLUE! The menu include a mix of burgers, steaks, sandwiches, salad and even noodles.

The restaurant is not big but it’s clean, good, cheap and quite nice if you want something quick and tasty.

The chef won some culinary awards in 2009. He proudly displays his large trophy in the restaurant with pictures of this event. You can see him beside the arrow, with a big red board. That competition was organized by Makro.

This is a chicken pepper sauce steak, for only 79 baht. The steak and sauce were excellent and quite large. The salad was nicely done with a Thai-Mayonnaise style salad dressing. For that price, it was really good.



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