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Big Bhudda “Wat Phra Yai”

Big Bhudda

Big Bhudda is on the northern most tip of the island. The Bhudda statue is huge and is built on a hill with many steps leading up to it. There are many shops and stalls around the statue selling all sorts of clothes and souvenirs, also restaurants and coffee shops for tourist refreshments.

This temple is the most famous landmark the Big Buddha Koh Samui Island. Most visitors come to visit the beautiful golden Buddha statue (12 meter tall)during their holiday.

The other site of Wat Pra Yai

In order to get there from Chaweng drive north on the airport road along the coast and drive past the airport to Choeng Mon Beach (near the airport).

The tourist visiting Koh Samui for the first time will be encouraged to visit the temple to “pray” to the Lord Buddha for good luck.

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