Ban Pa Ao Ubon Ratchathani

Ban Pa Ao small village located about 20 km from Ubon. You must drive on highway 23 and at the marker 273km, you will have to turn and make another 3 or 4 kilometers. This village is famous for making bronzeware.

Once you left highway 23, you will have to cross the village, with many turning left and right. Do not desperate! The trip worths it…

The technique used by the village of Ban Pa Ao is similar to what parts of Thailand has been doing for 4,000 years. The village of Ban Pa Ao has been recognized in the OTOP program (One tambon, one product) and their skills to make these objects goes back to at least 5 generations.

Unfortunately, I lost all my pictures from this trip but you can see of “nobithai” in the middle of this link:

We were lucky enough to meet some villagers and see how the work and make brassware and bronze. We bought few items at the learning center about bronzeware. At this place, you can see people doing these object manually. Just to make a bell, you can have more than 17 steps.

According to the tourism authority of Thailand, that village is over 200 years old. We only stay one or two hours but it was really a nice trip.

If you don’t have time to visit the village of Ban Pa Ao, you can see some of the work in the ninth room of the Ubon Ratchatani National Museum.

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