Babylon massage parlor is not a new place but if you don’t look around and know Korat, you probably never noticed that place.

It’s located behind SPEED 2 (an closed discotheque) near the Korat Hotel, or in front of Klang Plaza 1. You must enter in the parking of Korat Hotel to find it. It’s one of the rare full massage parlor where the person that approach you is a lady, acting as receptionnist. It opens around 1pm but you will have a better selection at around 3pm. It closes around midnight.

Like many other place in Korat, ladies are on a bench. They are not behind a glass and you can ask them to talk with you at your table. Prices range between 1,500 to 2,000 for the full service.

Very similar to Ginza but with less ladies. If you want a quiet place, this might be a good choice.




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