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Updated in 2022

Traditional Thai massage

You will find plenty of places for traditional Thai massage in Nakhon Ratchasima. A lot of them are not located on the street of Raya Grand Hotel (Suepsiri). You can have some special massage in some of these place but let’s go back to traditional massage. Here’s only a small selection:

Near Ya Mo.

There is a small place very close to Ya Mo monument. They offer good massage for good prices. They can speak English and it’s a nice place, even if not big or luxuriou.

The Mall (downstairs)

The quality of the massages at the Mall is very good but these 2 places are also very popular. So popular that you might have to wait 30 minutes to get a message. Fortunately, you can shop around while you wait!

One room is for foot massage and the other is for body massage. You will find these 2 places near the pub, downstairs, on the same side. It’s normally about 300 baht per hour. It was for a long time in the basement of the Mall but it is now in the car parking.

Terminal 21

Around the third floor of Terminal 21, you will find one of my favorite traditional massage place called “Suan Sabai”. This is a nice place, clean, with very good massage.

The cheapest place can be seen near ‘Pratu Pollan’ opposite the old city, outside the moat. Price can be as cheap as 150 baht per hour.

If you want more than massage, like soapy massage, there are tons in Korat. Check our Red Light City Guide of Korat: