Anant's Indian Restaurant | Ubon Ratchatani | Thailand

Anant’s Indian Restaurant in Ubon

435 Prommarat Road
Ubon Ratchatani, Amphur Muang, 34 000.
Tel: 080-4715322


This is their advertising. All found is cooked without MSG.


Anant’s indian restaurant is a small place that opened around October 2009. It’s located on prommarat road just before Ubonrak.

The owner used to be a chef in some restaurants. He works with his daughter. It’s not a fancy restaurant but if you want to enjoy good Indian food at low prices, you will like Anant’s Indian restaurant.


We had this delicious curry fish for 60 baht and roti is 10 baht. The menu is not extensive and only few dishes are available.

This is the chicken curry, called in Thai “Khao Mok Gai”. Thai people refer to this dish as ‘muslim food’. It’s simply a kind of “biryani rice” with chicken. This dish is 30 baht only. The chicken was soft and tender. They speak English and you won’t have any problems to order if you can’t speak Thai.

This is the menu that was written on their board. It includes curry fish for 60 baht, curry chicken for 30 baht, roti for 10 baht, roti + potato inside for 25 baht and roti + cauliflower for 25 baht.







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