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512/1 Jira Rd, Nai Mueang ; Tel 044 612540, 620858, 620860-2 ; Fax 044 620859



Standard room from 550 B without or 650 B with breakfast for 2; VIP room from 1,300 B without or 1,400 B with breakfast for two (November 2009).

All rooms with bathroom, hot water, fridge, cable TV, A/C. No Wi-Fi available. Internet available in the lobby on payment



This hotel is popular among locals and it often receives groups of travellers coming in one or more buses. It has a wide parking lot and a separate restaurant building. There is a very nice lobby on two levels, the most picturesque one among those we have seen in Buriram.



The hotel includes also a pub, a snooker room, a karaoke room and a massage shop. It is not too far from the bus station, although hardly reachable on foot if you have a heavy baggage.