The Mall renovations 2009-2010

The Mall in Nakhon Ratchasima – New Look 2010


The Mall is under intensive renovations. If you haven’t there for a while, many places have a new look for you, and also new shops and new items.

McDonald’s has completely changed its restaurant look.

You can’t see clearly on the pictures, but tables, walls, everything has changed.


Many new shops downstairs and more attractive than before.


The replace, changed, moved some shops, stands, or corridors.

Things were moved around in the supermarket. The foreign section has more items.

This is the new cheese counter.

That amount of different cheese would have been impossible few years ago. It shows that more foreigners are living in Korat and also that Thais are starting to like more and more foreign food.


The same applies for wine. The changed the cellar for wine. They probably have the largest selection in Korat. Because the wine is kept at a good temprature, your risk to get a ‘bad bottle’ is lower. I wouldn’t buy wine in the shop in front of Klang Plaza 2. I did it before…and once on twice, it wasn’t good. The temperature in Thailand is often too high to be able to conserve wine for a long period. Best temperature would be between 13 – 15 Celcius.