Pizza Muang Buriram | Thailand | Buri Ram | Farang food



514/10-11 Harnchana Rd, Tambong Nai Mueang ; Tel 044 612032

Open everyday from 11:00 to 21:00.

European and Thai food. Especially popular for pizzas, serves also other Italian dishes, steaks, salads, local food. Fresh bread and cakes everyday sold also separately. Reasonable prices (pizzas around 200 to 250 B; pasta dishes around 100 B).

Friendly cook and manager Siebe from the Netherlands offers a warm and friendly welcome to his guests. The place is well positioned near Vongthong Hotel, and quite popular among both the locals and the foreigners living in Buriram. There is an internal room and a covered terrace on the street side.

We had a dish of tasty “Spaghetti carbonara” with a large mixed salad, plus water and tip, for a total of 175 B (see photos). We took a photo also of the home speciality: “Pizza Buriram”, going for 225 B.