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Klang Plaza 2


24, Jomsurangyat Rd ; Tel 044 260336, 260111 ; Fax 252534






After The Mall, the most popular shopping center in Korat is Klang Plaza 2. It opened in 1991, when old Klang Plaza could no longer cope, alone, with Korat’s shopping needs. Smaller than The Mall, it offers the advantage of being more centrally located, near the main square and Ya Mo monument, adjacent to the post office on Jomsurangyat Rd. It is facing Taifah Universe and Ginza. Nearby, just beyond the post office, there is KH Chaophaya Inn.






Compared to The Mall, it is more similar to standard department stores you find all around Thailand. It consists of 7 levels and offers almost all kind of products, including a supermarket and a Thai food court, in the basement and IT City on the fifth floor. The sixth floor is for games and karaoke.






It is always crowded and often hosts promotional events. On the ground floor, the stair well area is normally dedicated to goods on special offers, namely garments and lingerie.




Open everyday from 10:00 to 21:00. Closed on some official holidays.