Hua Pree | Western and Thai Food | Roi-et | Roiet | Restaurant

Hua Pree Restaurant, Roi-Et.


Hua Pree Restaurant in located in a small street, just in front of Makro. It opened around 2004-2005. If you are looking for a decent place with reasonable prices and a large menu, you will like Hua Pree.

I personally like it because it’s opened every day, you have air conditioning inside, the place is clean and you can eat almost anything. From steaks to carbonara pasta, Chinese or Thai food. It is not a fancy place, but sincerely, it’s very honest.

This is just a part of the menu, which is in Thai and English.

Before, this place used to have Ostrich and other rare stuff.

The name “Hua Pree” (or “Hua Plee”) means “Banana Flower”. The dish above is called “Yam Hua Pree”. It’s a spicy “banana blossom” salad, with some seafood.

This is the spaghetti carbonara. It was only 65 baht! But it is “Thai Style”. There is no “bacon” and I doubt you will find “parmesan” for that price. However, for 65 baht, that was a big meal.

And this is my long time favorite at Hua Pree: The “pepper steak”. For about 120 baht, you have a steak, pepper sauce, some French fries and a salad. On top of that, the steak is normally tender and quite good for “Isaan”. If you live in Roiet, try this place. You might like it…