The most expensive sashimi in Korat!

Anego is one of the oldest Japanese restaurant in Nakhon Ratchasima. They actually have 3 branches: Sriracha, Pattaya and Korat. They are located at Chao Phraya hotel in Korat, on Jomsurang road, not far from Klang Plaza 2.

They probably have the most expensive sashimi in Korat but also the most delicious. This fabulous plate is 1,000 baht and was NOT the most expensive on their menu:

1,000 baht dish in Nakhon Ratchasima

Their sushi bar is one of the best in Korat. But if you are looking for “quantity”, I would recommend the “a la carte buffet” of “Kuroda” for about 450 baht. A really good value price.

For more information about Anego, click here:  Anego Restaurant in Korat

Pictures of Anego here:  Anego Restaurant in Korat

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