Rong Beer Pavilion 101

This is probably the biggest and most famous bar in RoiEt. It’s located near Petcharat Garden hotel, in a small street with many other bars. Rong Beer is a place for listening to live bands playing Thai, Isaan and western songs. It used to be “open-air” with a roof few years ago. They renovated the place and it’s now fully covered. If you are in Roiet and want some good music, Rong Beer Pavilion is THE place to go.

There is one pool table (20 baht?) but the main attractions are really the shows. The food is good and prices are reasonable. The concept of this place is very similar to Ta Wang Dang, a famous brand of bars all across Thailand.

Some of the musicians in that band have been playing there for many years (at least more than 5 from what I remember!). They will play Caraboaw and other Thai folk songs.

But you might have other bands and singers, like these 2 guys, doing some hip hop or rock modern songs.

And obviously, in the heart of Isaan, you will always find some Isaan girls singing and dancing traditional songs. And in Roiet, these are very popular. You can literally see the crowd standing up and dancing crazily when Isaan music starts.

The bar closes late, around 2am.

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