Phanom Rung Historical Park

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Phanom Rung Historical Park

Muang Tam and Prasaat Phoanom Rung are located in Buriram.
Prasaat Phanom Rung is one of the most significant Khmer monuments in Thailand. It was built in the 10th-13th century A.D. Phanom Rung was a Hindu Saivite (Shiva) monastery. Sculptures also present images of Vishnu. A processional way leads through Naga bridges to the main sanctuary. Lintels, pediments depict the Hindu Gods Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu , with also scenes of the Ramayana. The most famous lintel (Vishnu Anantasayin) depicts Vishnu reclining on the back of the Naga King Ananta. This lintel disappeared for many years outside the country, but was recently returned.
The setting of Phanom Rung is quite scenic, with views of the countryside all around. The site is probably the most visited Khmer monument in Thailand.

adress: Chaloem Phra Kiat District, Buri Ram

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